About Us

About Us

Our Ethos

Blending Global Trends with Comfort and Sustainability

Founded in Mumbai, Maison Sora is a clothing brand enriched by the modern influences of Japanese and European trends, Maison Sora brings you a collection that seamlessly blends comfort, chic design, and a dedication to sustainability.
Conscious Crafting

Our Sustainable Approach to Fashion

At Maison Sora, our journey begins with a conscious choice of fabrics and materials chosen from reliable and certified suppliers. We believe in inspiring a change in the industry by following some of these methods. We use natural fabrics and dyes that not only embody the essence of comfort but also stand the test of time. By prioritising sustainability, we strive to create a wardrobe that not only complements your style but also leaves a minimal environmental footprint.

Timeless Elegance

Our Commitment to Longevity and Craftsmanship

We understand that fashion should not be fleeting. Maison Sora’s commitment to longevity is reflected in our timeless pieces, crafted with care and precision. All of our tailors are in house and are committed to produce every piece of clothing to perfection. Our garments are not just a part of a seasonal trend but an enduring statement of your personal style.

Social Responsibility

Giving Back with Every Purchase

Maison Sora is driven by a profound commitment to social responsibility. For every item you purchase, we pledge to donate a clothing item to those in need. Our goal is to extend the joy of dressing well to all corners of society, creating a positive impact and fostering a sense of community through the simple act of giving.

A Fusion of Cultures

Our Design Inspiration

Our designs draw inspiration from the eclectic tapestry of Indian, Japanese, and European cultures. Maison Sora is more than a brand; it is an exploration of diversity and a celebration of global influences, harmoniously woven into every thread of our creations.

Join Our Journey

Elegance, Sustainability, and Community

Join us in this journey of elegance, sustainability, and giving back. Explore Maison Sora’s collections, where fashion transcends borders, comfort meets chic, and each choice makes a meaningful contribution to both your wardrobe and society. Thank you for being a part of the Maison Sora story.